We all have tough days… The truth is – you only need 30 seconds to improve your mood. Here are three simple and easy ways to boost your mood instantly!

1. Breathe deeply

Breathe deeply in and out gradually, several times in a row. Even 70% of our negative emotions are emptied by our lungs, with a good way of breathing. Breathing is a reflex function and we don’t think about breathing that much. Deep, proper breathing especially in nature or close to an open window can make wonders for your mood!

2. Stretch

Leisurely spread your legs, lift up your arms and stretch as much as you can. Repeat the stretching several times. The blood will circulate through your limbs and you will instantly feel much better. Stretching has many other benefits too: eases lower back pain, reduces stress and increases flexibility.

3. Drink water

We all know about the benefits of water. The human brain is 75% water. When we have a shortage of water, our brain suffers most. If you want your brain to function better, just drink a glass of water. Never replace water with juice or any other liquid and always have a bottle of water with you!

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