During quarantine at home, we all need to make sure the body’s condition to stay healthy with good nutrition. Because, a good diet is very important to still maintain body immunity.

There are steps we can take to stay healthy and nutritious during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Following a brief review of the three steps below.

1. Minimize going to the supermarket

Continue to eat healthy and nutritious food but should rarely go to the supermarket? You do this by drawing up a plan before shopping at the supermarket.

Plan a meal menu at home starting from breakfast, lunch, until dinner for the next five or one week. Also take into account other details such as preparation of ingredients to cooking time.

The most healthy food dish, which is contained grains, vegetables, and fruits in it. Serve in large portions, more than the portion of meat. With this trick, in addition to making us unnecessary to go to supermarkets, we also make more money because we only need to buy what is needed, while helping to keep saturated fat under control.

2. Take-away food

Buying food or snacks from outside may be done if the boredom of cooking suddenly comes. But with a note wrapped to eat at home.

If you want to buy food, take it home immediately and eat it while it’s hot. Save leftovers, like meat, fish, poultry, milk by wrapping them tightly in the refrigerator. Before eating, make sure to reheat this leftover food thoroughly before consumption.

3. Think positive

The mindset is very important to get through this pandemic to stay physically and mentally healthy. Manage stress well, multiply to do positive activities. Play with pets at home, call or video call with friends, soak in the bathtub, or hug your children.

Do not relieve stress by drinking alcoholic beverages, smoking or even taking illegal drugs. Perform all normal routines according to schedule, sleep regularly and wake up in the morning according to the usual schedule, do not eat too late, and take time to exercise even if simple. For example yoga in the living room, gardening, cleaning the backyard, or playing with children.

Get rid of boredom, by staying busy. Do your hobbies, cooking, reading, watching movies, to playing musical instruments. Similarly, as reported in Nutrition.

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