In order to break the chain of distribution of COVID-19, the government continues to appeal to the public to remain at home. However, even at home people are encouraged to keep their bodies healthy and fit.

Because a healthy and fit body will maintain immunity, thus reducing the risk of COVID-19 infection. In addition to the government, the World Health Organization (WHO) in its press statement appealed to keep the body healthy. Because, according to WHO maintaining physical fitness also helps doctors and nurses reduce the spread of COVID-19.

“Don’t forget when #DiRumahAja is to keep the body healthy and fit while continuing to exercise and eat nutritious foods,” WHO wrote.

This is also in accordance with WHO directives on World Health Day on April 7 which focused on raising awareness to maintain the fitness of the human body through quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The following are tips from WHO to keep the body healthy and fit during the COVID-19 pandemic quoted by

1. Stay Fit When #StayAtHome

Even if you are implementing self-quarantine, you can still maintain your body fitness by exercising, even if you can’t go to the gym.

Various mild to severe movements can be done at home. Here are some movements that can be done on the sidelines of homework. Some choices, for example, you can do planks while waiting for the water to boil to make tea. You can do squats when TV commercials appear.

One minute is enough to do a squat. Then you stretch your body after completing a video call with a client or office colleague.

In the morning, put up your favorite upbeat songs and dance intensely. You can also invite children at home to join in dancing before they have to take a virtual class with their teacher and classmates.

Not only that, a number of household equipment can also be used to replace gym equipment. For example, bicep curl is replaced using small gallons. Wood Chop is replaced with food jars.

You can also do shoulder press movements with dairy products or other drinks that are heavy enough. Lateral raise uses dairy products or other heavy drinks.

2. Apply A B C D E in Arranging the Food Menu

The most important thing to keep fit is eating nutritious foods and maintaining a healthy diet so that our bodies are healthier and stronger. According to Dr. Matthew Lantz Blaylock, PhD, fresh food is the best source of nutritional intake.

But given the situation where we might not have been able to be as free as before going to the market or the supermarket to buy fresh food, frozen food, ready meals and cans can be an option.

“What is important is that we are careful in looking at the source of the food. For example, when it comes to choosing UHT milk, be careful and look first if the UHT milk comes from fresh milk, “Matthew said.

There are 5 things to remember in compiling a daily diet according to Dr. Matthew Lantz Blaylock, PhD in ABCDE.

First, adequacy: try to eat a diet containing enough essential nutrients to maintain a healthy diet. Don’t forget that a healthy lifestyle consists of 70 percent nutritional intake and 30 percent exercise.

Second, the balance is to implement a balanced diet with recommendations for consumption of 40-60 percent carbohydrates, 20-30 percent fat, and 15-20 percent protein.

Third, calorie control is to maintain the number of calories in the diet. Reduce foods that are minimal in nutrition and contain excess calories.

Fourth, density of nutrition is to prioritize foods that contain high nutrition and stay away from unhealthy foods.

Fifth, A bit of everything that is trying to variations in the daily diet.

3. Careful in Choosing Dairy Products

One nutritious food that is good for consumption every day to maintain fitness is milk. According to Dr. Matthew Lantz Blaylock, PhD, fresh food is the best source of nutritional intake, including milk and dairy products.

If possible, you should consume fresh milk. However, if it is not possible and want to choose UHT milk, for example, examine the UHT milk content and make sure that it is made from pasteurized fresh milk.

For example, an expert in dairy products and dairy products, Greenfields takes care of all stages to produce the best quality fresh milk from cattle ranching, milking, packaging to arriving at the final destination of distribution.

The fully automatic and integrated process from pasteurization, sterilization to packaging is controlled by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) which ensures that the process runs smoothly and there are no errors.

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