The snack that grows itself! 3D printing food is real

The snack that GROWS itself! Food made by 3d printing embedded with yeast, mushrooms, edible soil and sprouts makes its own filling… but would you eat it?

This might sound like a science fiction novel, but if one food concept designer manages to perfect her project, everybody could be eating this food in the future.However it sounds, the 3D printing food technology is not new subject.

The invention of this self-growing snack that makes its own filling has the potential to change the way we consume food forever.

This Edible Growth project is the brainchild of Chloé Rutzerveld; a Dutch concept designer who came with the idea to show us that high-tech or lab-produced food doesn’t have to be “unhealthy and/or unnatural.”

3d printing

The snack is a pastry shell embedded with seeds, yeast and spores, which take three to five days to mature, after which it is ready to be consumed.

“The Edible Growth Project is about creating a fully edible ecosystem with living organisms in which the base made by 3D printing and gradually develops towards a fully-fledged dish.”  – explained Ms. Rutzerveld.

According to Ms. Rutzerveld, the project is an example of high-tech but fully natural, sustainable and healthy food made possible by combining aspects of technology, science, nature and design.

Edible Growth makes use of natural processes like photosynthesis and fermentation and lowers the use of resources.

Ms. Rutzerveld aims to use the new food technology to create healthy, natural, sustainable and nutrient rich food that cannot be made with traditional production methods.

The product is built from several layers, with an outer shell of crust made of dough or pasta, and on the inside spores, seeds, yeast and edible soiled are contained.

After printing it, the consumer takes it home and within 3 to 4 days, it will develop into a complete dish with all the nutrients needed.

This process can easily be compared to the maturing of cheese.

Just like Roquefort cheese, the smell and taste intensifies and the whole eating experience increases over time.

However this entire project is still at a conceptual stage at this moment.

A lot of research and necessary technology development is needed for this project to be successful and to ensure the food’s safety.

Edible Growth is really a future food concept that inspires scientists and cooks to think about the future of our food.


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