In many cases, the corona virus or COVID-19 is said to only trigger minor complaints that will resolve on their own. But under certain conditions, it can also have a fatal impact.

The Indonesian government has emphasized that various death cases are generally accompanied by certain diseases which have already existed. Death occurs because the condition worsens after infection.

“There are no reports of COVID-19 being the sole cause of death,” said Government Spokesperson for Corona Virus Management, Achmad Yurianto some time ago.

There are at least four health conditions that most often lead to death in patients with the corona virus or COVID-19.

1. Heart and blood vessel disease

A study says, a history of heart and blood vessel disease dominates death in patients with the corona virus or COVID-19. Infections that attack breathing, are said to aggravate the work of the heart, triggering fatal effects.

“More precisely from the cases of COVID-19 who died, 80 percent were aged 60 years and over and 75 percent had heart disease and blood vessels along with a stroke or tumor,” said Dr. Vito A Damay, SpJP, cardiologist from Siloam Karawaci Hospital.

2. Chronic respiratory disease

Chronic respiratory diseases or chronic respiratory diseases, including asthma and pulmonary hypertension, can trigger a more serious impact on COVID-19 infections associated with complications of pneumonia. The same thing happens in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

“Pneumonia burdens the heart, which supplies oxygen throughout the body. In patients who already have chronic respiratory disease, this can be deadly,” said Dr. William Li, a doctor who is also a researcher.

3. Diabetes

Actor Tom Hanks and his wife recently announced that they have tested positive for the corona virus. One thing that worries me is that Hanks has previously revealed that he also has type 2 diabetes.

In diabetes, the immune system or immune system is relatively weak so it is difficult to fight infection. In addition, diabetes also increases the risk of inflammation which can worsen the condition.

“If you have a viral infection, this can more easily trigger pneumonia, because diabetes itself is an inflammatory or inflammatory disease,” said Maria Pena, director of the Mount Sinai doctors’ service at Mount Sinai Doctors Hills.

4. Depression

It’s not just physical conditions that can trigger the fatal impact of the corona virus. Mental health conditions also have a large effect, such as depression and anxiety. Even when not exposed to viruses though.

“Fear of viruses and various changes that occur will make the level of anxiety increase in everyone. But in people who have anxiety disorders, the impact is worse,” said Gail Saltz, professor of psychiatry at NY Presbyterian Hospital.

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