Did you ever wake up or do your morning activities, feeling that your breathing is a bit short? This also becomes one of the symptoms when infected with the corona virus as well you know.

But, don’t panic there are still easy ways to deal with the frequent shortness of breath.

Quoted from Reader’s Digest, here are 5 intakes that can help reduce shortness of breath.

1. Grains

Fibrous grains such as wheat, quinoa, and brown rice can help nourish the lungs. So, start reducing foods with simple carbohydrate content such as white pasta.

When consuming it, the production of carbon dioxide will increase and instead suppress the lungs. Finally, making it difficult to breathe properly.

2. Beans

Beans provide vitamin E to the body, which can help reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, and create red blood cells that deliver a lot of oxygen to the body.

With that, the supply of oxygen to the lungs will be stable, thereby preventing the blood vessels in the lungs from narrowing. It makes breathing better.

3. Fruits

Vitamin C is needed by the body to fight infection and inflammation. To get it, you can consume fruits and vegetables that are orange, such as pumpkin, orange, and papaya.

It’s rich in antioxidants, so it’s friendly to the lungs. But, keep in mind you must continue to consume fruits and vegetables that vary.

4. Caffeine

Not only does it restrain sleepiness, caffeine can also help overcome shortness of breath. Caffeine which acts as a bronchodilator functions to open tight airways in people with asthma and reduce respiratory muscle fatigue.

Based on several studies, caffeine can also improve lung function for up to four hours.

5. Apple juice

Apples contain phenolic acids and flavonoids, which are known to reduce inflammation in the airways. This is also supported by research conducted in the UK.

In that study, found that children who drink apple juice once a day, can reduce breathing problems.

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