I’m sure you eat well, but you still feel like you’re not losing body weight. To be honest it’s common to say that we are eating healthy food and exercising. But we all know that we can do better and try harder in eating healthy and exercising.
But no matter how good you are there is a probability that one of this 5 reasons is the cause of your no weight losing problem.

Reasons you are not losing body weight

1. Eating The Wrong Food

As we all know burning off calories is one of the most important things if you want to lose weight. But it’s actually not as important as dieting. Dieting is almost 80 percent of your journey.

  • While dieting it’s important to eat mostly carbohydrates(brown rice, potatoes, grains etc.) on the days you are hitting heavy weights in the gym.
  • While you are having a rest day you should forget about the carbohydrates and just have foods that have protein and of course veggies. A little trick that I use is to have foods that don’t have many ingredients in them.

2. Eating Too Much

You probably cleaned your diet but still don’t have any results. That leads us to reason number two, which is eating too much. You need to find a balance and burn more calories than you consume. That doesn’t mean that you should stop eating. It means that you need to eat slowly so you can feel when you’re about to get full and stop. Also one to two times a week you can combine healthy with some chocolate, like chocolate-covered strawberries.

3. Too Much Cardio

We know that cardio is essential while working out. It can boost your metabolism and extend the health of the heart.
But only doing cardio or doing it too much can have a counter effect. A long cardio session can make you lose muscle mass which is actually helpful for increasing your metabolism and helps burn away more calories. It also causes your body to store energy as fat as a reserve fuel, and by doing so it causes you to actually gain weight or lose none at all.

4. Taking No Time To Recover

After a workout and feeling soreness in your muscles, it’s important to focus on a different muscle group the next day. You don’t want to overdo it. If you have a whole body workout regime, you need to make a workout plan where you have rest days, that will let your body recover. It’s when you rest that the body actually burns fat.

5. Too Much Stress

While working out your body is constantly stressed. It’s important to have recovery time so that the body can be relieved of the stress. Not having recovery time causes your body to produce big amounts of cortisol(a stress hormone). It’s rather normal and it indicates that you give your muscles the energy they require to work. But producing it for longer periods of time can have a negative effect, like creating stubborn fat. This can also happen if you have a stressful professional or personal life. So always be sure to keep your emotional and mental health in check as well.

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