There are thousands of diets you can try out, but many of them are actually harmful to your health. But, how will you recognize that you’re on a bad diet?

Here are five of the most reliable indicators that you’re on a bad diet!

The diet is a complete opposite of your normal diet

If you can’t imagine your Sunday lunch without roast meat, choosing a vegetarian diet will only hamper the normal functioning. Also, if you do not have enough time for cooking, you should choose a diet that doesn’t require delicate preparation of recipes.

Whole portions of foods are eliminated

The diets that eliminate whole portions of foods, such as carbohydrates for example, are not sustainable in the long term. In this case, carbohydrates are primary sources of energy, so although you can avoid them one week or two, in the long term it will be very bad for your health.

You are not losing weight soon after starting

Positive results provide additional motivation. If the scale does not show a reduction in the weight soon after starting the diet, most people will give up of the diet before it has a chance to work.

You are not motivated to exercise

Diet plans that tell you that there is no need to exercise are bad for you, if not immediately then certainly in the long term. Physical activity brings hundreds of health benefits besides weight loss and that is why you should never give up of exercising.

Makes you hungry or unbearable

Losing weight is difficult, requires a lot of work, but you should never feel that the diet is a torture for you. If you are constantly hungry, it probably means that you are not getting enough calories that will satisfy your hunger. If you are in a bad mood that means you are not getting enough carbohydrates or you deprive yourself of foods you love immensely. If you become unbearable for yourself and the environment, then is very likely that you will quit the diet very soon.

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