Each relationship is unique and different story, but most long term relationships go through similar changes. A relationship is a dynamic process of falling in love, adjustment, growth and maturation of both partners which passes through several stages.

Will you be able to pass all of these five stages to enjoy in a happy love life, depends solely on you!

Romance and strong physical attraction

You have a feeling that you are in heaven, you see the world through pink glasses and you can not find any flaw in your partner. The first phase of a relationship begins with a strong physical attraction and craving to be with your loved one or just to hear his voice. This is the period when your hormones are acting like crazy, you have butterflies in your stomach and you ignore the flaws in your partner, putting him on a pedestal.

Facing the reality

Slowly your eyes begin to open and your hormones are stabilized. You know your partner very good, you realized his desires, interests and concerns and suddenly you realize that things are not so rosy. The differences between both of you are becoming apparent. In this second stage, the conversations become serious, dreamy love disappears. The behavior is more free and relaxed, but you will start thinking more soberly about the relationship.

Struggle for dominance

Here comes the instinctive fight for position and often appears disappointment. The list of bad habits and behaviors of the partner becomes longer, and your desire to ignore or tolerate them is smaller.

You both struggle for independence and each of you will try to impose their own rules of conduct and will try to shape the other one in the perfect partner for themselves. In this phase occurs collision of two different worlds and many partners in this period think about separation. The good news is that all these small battles define the rules of the relationship, which are acceptable for both.

Compromise, adjustment and stability

You are not seeing the partner as your enemy with whom you have to compete, but as an important person to cooperate with in order to maintain a happy love life. You know all his flaws, but you are convinced that you can live with them. You can predict his behavior and you can easily make a compromise that will reduce the quarrels.The negative side of this phase is that the relationship can become monotonous and routine, so the risk of infidelity increases.

Complete commitment

You have survived the storms, you have seen your partner in his best and worst edition, but despite all of this you still crave for his hug. You are convinced that between both of you there is still love and mutual respect, and you don’t have any doubts whether he is the real one. This stage is mature and realistic, built on a foundation of honesty and understanding.

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