Not a few people are starting to feel boredom and bored because they have to do self-isolation to break the circulation of the COVID-19 chain.

Do not worry, there are many ways you can do to calm the mind like when the corona outbreak. One of them by drinking floral tea or tea derived from flowers.

Reporting from BuzzFeed, some time ago, here are five types of floral tea that can be a natural remedy to calm the mind and ward off stress. Drink this tea in the morning before starting an activity or as a warm sleep drink. Smell the aroma and sip each drop of this fresh-scented tea and feel how calm it is.

5 Types of Tea This Helps Calm the Mind

1. Lavender Tea

Lavender has been widely used as a raw material for making tea. This bright purple flower not only has a fragrant and distinctive aroma but also various benefits. Lavender contains substances that are good for reducing anxiety in women, calms the mind and also relaxes the body.

2. Passionflower Tea

Passionflower is usually used in the medical world as one of the ingredients to make a sedative. The content of substances in this flower proved effective for treating headaches. The way this flower works is to make the mind calm, cause drowsiness and make muscles relax. Add a little passionflower tea to a cup of hot water and enjoy this tea before going to bed.

3. California Poppy Tea

California poppy is often used as a tea to treat headaches as well as natural ingredients to invite positive mood. This tea is also a good medicine to deliver sleep to sufferers of insomnia. California poppy extract is most appropriate to drink just before bedtime so that in the morning you are ready to go through a day full of routine.

4. Ashwaganda Tea

Ashwaganda has been used as an Indian medicine for thousands of years. Ashwaganda flower is also known as Indian ginseng which can help relax muscles. Sipping this tea can also calm the mind, treat high blood pressure, treat stress and nervous fatigue. This tea is very suitable to be a hot drink in the morning because its function will be felt immediately after sipping it.

5. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is usually taken to produce a calming effect on the body and mind. This tea has a fragrant and soothing aroma and taste so it is suitable to drink in the morning as a breakfast menu. Unlike most teas, chamomile tea is free of caffeine and is said to have nearly the same content as green tea. This tea is suitable to be consumed by women but that does not mean men can not sip it.

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