It is undeniable, the COVID-19 corona virus pandemic also has an impact on mental health. These impacts include those who are carrying out the government’s call to stay home.

The number of COVID-19 cases in Indonesia which has reached 1,046 has unconsciously caused public anxiety. However, you need to know, excessive anxiety can also have a negative impact on physical and mental health. Of course this can make immunity decrease.

Therefore, it is important to calm your anxiety in a situation like now. Here are 5 ways to calm your anxiety, as reported by Healthline:

1. Mindset

Negative thoughts can take root in your mind and change the severity of the situation. One way is to challenge your fears, ask if that’s true, and see where you can take control.

2. Stay focused, take a deep breath

Try breathing on the count of four, and breathing on 4 counts for 5 minutes. By evening, this will slow down your heart rate and help calm you down.

3. Techniques 4-7-8 are also known to help anxiety

Whether it’s in the form of oil, incense or wax, aromas such as lavender, chamomile, and sandalwood can be very soothing. Aromatherapy is thought to help activate certain receptors in your brain, which can potentially reduce anxiety.

4. Do yoga 15 minutes

Sometimes the best way to stop anxious thoughts is to walk away from the situation. Taking the time to focus on your body and not your mind can help relieve anxiety.

5. Write down your thoughts

Writing down what makes you worry makes it come out of your head and make it less frightening. This relaxation trick is very helpful for those who experience anxiety sporadically. They can also work well with someone who has a generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) when they are attached.

However, if you suspect that you have GAD, the method of handling quickly should not be the only type of treatment you use. You will want to find a long-term strategy to help reduce the severity of symptoms and even prevent them from happening.

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