Kissing is definitely one of the best things we can do in life. We bring you 6 interesting facts and reasons why you should kiss your partner right now.

Kissing is not something that is taken for granted and there is a science that studies kissing, which is called Philematology. While kissing we exchange water, salt, proteins and about 25 million microorganisms with our partner. One minute of kissing burns 26 calories.

Keep reading to find out other interesting facts about kissing!

  1. There are thousands of nerve endings in the mouth (100 times more than in your fingertips) that stimulate desire. That is the reason why kissing before, during and after sex is so good.
  2. Even 40% of men have admitted that a long and juicy kiss is the best overture in lovemaking.
  3. Men end up in bed with someone who is a bad kisser, twice as likely than women. This means that for women, kissing is much more important.
  4. The X sign, which is often used as a sign for a kiss, dates back to the Middle Ages, when most of the people couldn’t read or write, so the X was placed on documents and a kiss was placed upon to show of their sincerity.
  5. Studies have shown that men who kiss their partners at least once a day, on average live five years longer. Therefore, in the name of health – kiss your better half more often.
  6. Did you know that two thirds of people turn their heads to the right when kissing. Some experts believe that this tendency has origins back to the period of the fetus in the womb. Or it is simply a way to avoid colliding with your partner’s nose during a romantic act.

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