Generally, women who are pregnant tend to experience weight spikes. However, there are standards for weight gain that are recommended based on body mass index (BMI). Check out what Mommy Anna Rosida said from the following Babyologist.

Moms gain weight during pregnancy is a sure thing experienced by all pregnant women. But do you know Moms, every pregnant woman has a recommended standard of weight gain based on BMI before becoming pregnant tablets Moms.

The following references can be used Moms:

1. Healthy breakfast

I began to replace the breakfast menu with oatmeal since pregnancy. Besides being healthy, oatmeal also has very good benefits, Moms.

2. Picky snacks

During pregnancy I very often feel hungry, most of the Moms also experience the same thing yes Moms. Even though it hasn’t been long after a heavy meal, sometimes I want to talk again, Moms. Well, I make it a habit to provide healthy snacks like fruits or nuts, yes Moms. Bananas become my mainstay during pregnancy ya Moms.

3. Eat small but frequent portions

Reduce portions of Moms to eat with less intensity. This can help Moms reduce excessive cravings.

4. Expand the fibrous food

Constipation is one of the problems that I experienced during my pregnancy. This clearly has an impact on digestion. I overcome this problem by eating lots of fibrous vegetables and drinking yogurt.

5. Drink plenty of water

When Moms want to snack, try to drink 2 glasses of water first to avoid excessive portions when snacking, Moms.

6. Reduce sweet foods and drinks

Craving during pregnancy may occasionally Moms follow, but need to watch out for craving Moms sweet food / drinks. Limit portions for example 1x a week.

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