Fig is a delicious fruit that renews, strengthens, maintains the health and erases wrinkles. Fig is a nutritious fruit that has lots of healthy benefits and healing properties! We bring you seven reasons why you should eat more figs!

1. Rich in magnesium

Magnesium is one of the basic elements that protect our nervous system from stress. It is very important for bones, immunity and brain health. Promotes health and vitality, heals many diseases, and slows down the aging process. Dried figs contain three times more magnesium than fresh.

2. Rich in vitamins and minerals

Figs are rich in potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, copper and vitamin B6, C and beta-carotene. Very low fat content and higher fiber content than any other fruit and vegetables are one of the reasons why we should consume figs every day. Pectin is a soluble fiber that lowers cholesterol in the blood, while tryptophan helps with circulatory problems and insomnia.

3. Rich in nutrients

Dried figs are an excellent source of many nutrients and they are very convenient and nutritionally valuable meal for athletes and professionals. Tea made from figs treat liver diseases, throat diseases, respiratory tract and bladder diseases.

4. Figs contain plant sterols

They contain plant sterols, which have proven beneficial effect on cholesterol levels. Plant sterols such as stigmasterol and lanosterol in figs, bind to molecules of cholesterol in the intestines and thus interfere with its absorption.

5. Anticancer properties

Numerous studies have found connections with potential anticancer properties. Figs contain benzaldehyde and coumarins which are anticancer compounds and can treat prostate cancer. It is recommended also to drink fig juice, because it is a powerful bacteria killer.

6. Figs contain natural sugars

They contain natural sugars which can stimulate the work of the brain and increase the memory.

7. Figs leaves are healthy

Fig leaves are also medicinal and can be eaten. It has been proven that they have antidiabetic effect, they lower triglycerides in the blood and help in stopping the growth of cancer cells.

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