Often our hectic schedule and overtime work are negatively affecting our daily lives. But, in order to survive the work week and to welcome the weekend happily, you need some simple rituals that will make your days better!

Rituals to make your day better

1. Wake up with music

Music improves mood. Your favorite music will act completely different to you then the hated sound of the alarm clock.

2. Eat your breakfast at the same time everyday

It may sound strange to you, but if you eat breakfast at the same time everyday, you will reduce the level of stress that you have during the day. Moreover, breakfast is very important part of the day and is a great way to maintain the desired figure.

3. Enjoy in your morning coffee

Japanese people enjoy in their ritual of drinking tea up to four hours. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should drink your coffee with hours, but allow yourself as much time as you can to enjoy it.

4. Dress up nicely

When you look good to yourself, this has a positive impact on your confidence and improves your mood. Great outfit can improve the whole day.

5. Leave message to someone you love

Before you leave the house, write a note to the person with whom you live. You will make his/her day even better, because little things make all of us happy.

6. Make an “ignore list”

Most people make a list of things they need to do during the day, but you can make a completely different list. Make an “ignore list” and ask yourself what you need to ignore that day in order to stay positive at work.

7. Find time for yourself

To relax and calm down, you need to “disconnect” from everything that bothers you, at least for 30 minutes everyday. This process is not at all complicated, but consists of listening to your favorite music, watching some interesting movie or reading a good book.

Tell us, which is your favorite morning ritual?

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