In the face of the corona virus pandemic, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the government

As reported by the WHO website, explained that washing hands regularly with soap can avoid the spread of corona virus, in addition to physical distancing.

Then how to wash hands properly according to WHO?

Actually washing your hands properly takes about as long as you sing the song ‘Happy Birthday’ twice. Here’s how to wash hands WHO style:

1. First wet your palms with tap water. Then pour enough soap in the palm of the hand.

2. Then close both palms, then rub the soap that has been poured on the palm of the hand repeatedly.

3. Next place your right palm on the back of your left hand with your fingers intertwined. Then place your left palm on the back of your right palm with your intertwined fingers. Repeat to make it cleaner.

4. Place the right palm into the left palm with fingers intertwined and rubbed.

5. Then the right and left hands hold each other and fingers interlock so that the soap hits the nail and base of the finger. This needs to be done to destroy if there is a virus in the nail.

6. Rub the left hand thumb using the right hand and vice versa.

7. Then rub the fingers of the right hand held in the left palm and vice versa. Dry your hands with a hygienic towel. Then use the towel to close the faucet. Well, now your hands are safe from the corona virus.

From now on, practice this WHO-style hand washing method to avoid the corona virus. Invite family and friends to practice it!

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