Health Director General Dr. Noor Hisham Abdullah said 73 Malaysian Ministry of Health personnel tested positive for being infected with the COVID-19 corona virus.

Based on the investigation, the cause of infection from health members was not caused by positive COVID-19 case control facilitated by the Malaysian health team.

“It was found that 47 cases or 64.4 percent had something to do with the wedding reception which was also attended by people who attended the Tabligh meeting,” he said.

“Other causes also include, for example, a history of traveling abroad, and having contact with family members who tested positive for COVID-19,” he said, as quoted by the Straits Times.

A total of 1,895 health members taking care of COVID-19 patients facilitated by the Malaysian health team have undergone tests for the corona virus. A total of 1,187 people were declared negative, and 708 were still waiting for a decision and none had been stated as positive.

Dr. Noor urged all health workers to notify the heads of their respective departments if they were directly involved, or make contact with people who attended a Tabligh meeting in Sri Petaling, or a wedding in Bangi on March 6, or another marriage in Putrajaya on March 7.

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