We made a small list of plants that will help purify the air you breathe in. This collection of plants will allow you to breathe air purified from air pollution, bad smells, foul odor or carbon dioxide.

These plants are capable of coexisting with each other except the mint plants and are not too wide or tall. Some of them are insect repellent and emits a great aroma.

Below is a list of the plants that can help clean the air in your house

1. Rosemary

Rosemary falls in the group of evergreen family. As with all evergreen plants, they represent a great source of clean air.

Most of the evergreen plants are very good purifiers, especially for the humid winter air. They intake carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.

The biggest benefit from this herb is its ability to stimulate cognitive function and protect the brain from damage done by free radicals.

2. Lavender

Before you get this plant you need to check that you have not allergic to it.

It is a great purifier and its known as an insect repellent. The aroma can help relax the lungs and reduce the anxiety, inadvertently helping you relax and sleep better.

Lavender plant presents a better replacement for an oil lamp used in aromatherapy. You can place it on your window allowing it to be exposed to sunlight to help it bloom.

As with most plants, lavender will wither at late autumn. But you can save the seeds and replant it in spring.

3. Basil

Basil is most commonly grown in North Africa and Asia and it is a well-known herb and spice. However, it can easily adapt to new conditions and can be grown at your home.

It grows up to 2 feet long with small white blossoms and wide leaves.

It will wither in late autumn and can be easily replanted at spring.

Basil emits a rich aroma and has a nice peppery taste. It can also be used to make some herbal teas. As with any other plant, basil represents a good air purifier and can be used in various ways.

4. Mint

There are several known species of the mint family plant. All of the species have a pleasant and refreshing aroma. They are very easy to grow but they require sunlight and water.

They have many uses in our homes. Starting from the most obvious and known mint tea up to being used as a spice in cooking and many more.

The mint species have invasive and strong roots which make them easy to replant.

5. Jasmine

Jasmine is one of the best plants to have in your house. It has a great aroma and can be used in several ways. Jasmine opens its flowers between 6 and 8 PM when the temperature is lower.

One of the most known uses is making tea. It is easy to prepare and it has a great aroma. People in India and China tend to mix it with other herbs to enrich its health benefits and aroma.

Apart from having a great aroma, it is also a good air purifier.

6. Geranium

Geraniums come in more than 400 varieties and all of them are good air purifiers.

They have a great aroma and are insect repellents. They also look great while blooming.

The best part is that they don’t require much care. Geraniums can survive without water for two weeks in cold weather.

Even for a beginner, this can be easy to plant and maintain the plant.

One of the species rose geranium can be used in making tea, which helps those with Diabetes Mellitus (type 2) because it can lower the blood glucose levels very quickly.

7. Coffee Plant

There are more than 120 subspecies of coffee plants, with sub-gene arabica being most famous and easy to grow at home. They are spread and grown worldwide, but you probably don’t know how good this plant can be indoors.

It blooms in white and smells so refreshing in the morning that you will probably skip your morning coffee beverage and just breathe instead and be satisfied.

The normal coffee plant can grow to a small tree (3 meters), but indoors in a pot, it is quite compact 1 meter (3 feet).

They take about four years to start blossoming. At that point, if you allow sufficient sunlight and help germination from small wasps and bees, you can grow your own coffee beans. Roast and grind them to coffee. One plant provides about 50 grams of dry coffee mass (around 2 ounces), which is enough for about a week’s supply.

8. Woodbine

Woodbine or otherwise known as honeysuckle or European honeysuckle is a very good air purifier. It can grow up to 7 meters in height and has a great aroma.

You can grow it in a pot with a wooden log or dry branch planted in the soil, so the vine can climb on it.

The plant looks beautiful with creamy or white flowers and has a very sweet scent.

Can be grown from a seed, and takes about 2 years to start blossoming indoors.


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