MIT Technology Review has collected tips from and procedures for doing social distance to protect yourself and your family from COVID-19. These tips and procedures they collected from 6 health experts.

1. Keep your distance

First, start to maintain physical distance from other people, at least 6 feet or 2 meters.

2. Wash Hands and Don’t Touch the Face

Begin to learn not to touch your face too often. In addition, wash your hands using running water and soap more often.

3. When In Public Vehicles

Try traveling using public transportation outside rush hour. So you can minimize yourself to touch each other. Also avoid direct contact with the surface of public facilities that are in the vehicle.

When you are sick

4. When Traveling Long Distance

When traveling long distances, whether using an airplane or other public transportation, make sure you check or monitor the progress of COVID-19 status at the destination. In crowded areas such as airports, stations or terminals, try to keep a distance of about 2 meters from other people.

If necessary and make you calmer, wear a mask and latex gloves to protect you from exposure to the virus. Then, after arriving at the destination, immediately to wash up and take a shower.

5. When You Are Sick

When sick, make sure you wear a medical mask when you have to travel. But if you can, stay at home to avoid transmitting the disease to and from other people.

If you experience symptoms of COVID-19, call the Coronavirus hotline at 021-5210411/0812-1212-3119.

6. When Exercising

If you can, exercise at home or in an open space. If you really have to go to the gym, avoid the busy hours where many people visit the gym.

In addition, make sure you do not contact directly with sports equipment in the gym using latex gloves. Don’t forget to take a shower immediately after exercising, both in the gym or at home and in an open space.

When you have to leave the house

7. When you have to leave the house

If you really have to leave the house, try to do various jobs and needs at once, and outside of rush hour. After leaving the house, make sure you change to clean house clothes. It is not recommended to use the same clothes for outdoor and indoor activities. Every time you come home from outside the house, make sure you take a clean bath, yeah.

8. Eat

While there are many clean restaurants with waiters wearing masks and gloves, try cooking your own food at home. Or, you can use a food delivery service so you don’t have to leave the house. Make sure you clean the plastic and food wrap so that there are no germs before you touch and open it.

9. Protect Children

When you have children at home, make sure you don’t panic. Make sure you invite your child to join in cleaning hands and practice personal hygienes. If you’re worried, don’t bring your child to the playground. Try to find creative ideas to keep your child happy and active as usual.

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