During a research by the University of Alberta, Canada, scientists unveiled that red wine contains a substance called resveratrol which can ultimately lead to similar health benefits of 1 hour of exercising.

This discovery comes with a great relief to those who are not big fans of the gym. Now, you don’t have to spend hours every day to get the health benefits. All you have to do is drink a glass of good old red wine.

Instead of working out at the gym, you would be sitting at home or the hanging at the local pub drinking a glass of red wine, enjoying yourself and getting the same health benefits.

According to the top researchers, the results they got from drinking 1 glass of red wine is comparable to 1 hour of cross-training.

The use and benefits of resveratrol are still uncertain. There are numerous studies being performed on all the benefits from this substance. Some of the researches are targeting cancer prevention and treatment, reducing risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes prevention and treatment and many more.

Resveratrol has antimicrobial and anti-oxidative properties and can help with the following functions:

  1. – Supports mental functioning
  2. – Cancer prevention and treatment
  3. – Diabetes prevention and treatment
  4. – Improves muscle health
  5. – Protects the cardiovascular system
  6. – Protects the skin

However, we do not encourage you to overindulge in drinking alcohol.

Recommended dosage is 1 glass per day and even the research claims that the difference in dosage won’t change anything other than getting drunk.

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