For most people, going to dentist is one of the most hateful things. Some of them have gone through bad experience, some feel uncomfortable while the dentist puts all those tools in their oral cavity, while some have a huge phobia even with the very thought of just walking through the dentist office. Despite we are feeling fear, sometimes it’s necessarily to visit a dentist. Oral health it’s of great importance and can have huge affects on our confidence. Fortunately, there is one successful solution that can help all those people and make their visit to the dentist less scary and unpleasant and is called sedation dentistry.

Sedation dentistry is a technique used by sleep dentist to help patients overcome their fear of dentist. The procedure include the use of medicine to provide anxiety-free and relaxing experience for people undergoing dental procedures. The sedation dentistry sometimes may be referred to as “twilight sedation” where patients are put and maintained in completely relaxed state where they are able to respond verbally, but will not remember any of the procedure. The dental procedure may then be a very comfortable experience, even for the fearful patients. In addition, let’s see some of the advantages and disadvantages sedation dentistry provide.

Advantages of sedation dentistry

There are lot of benefits sedation dentistry provide, as the patient is put into a more comfortable state and forgetting about the fear of dental procedures.

Some of the advantages are:

  1. Relax state. Children with ADHA or patients with Parkinson disease are just some of the patients who have no control of their movement. Sedation dentistry will help them to stay calm, allowing the dentist to provide the dental procedure without uncontrolled movements or resistance from the patient.
  2. Pain-free dental experience. Sedation dentistry helps patients to have their dental treatment or care without feeling pain. As anxiety is relieved by the sedative injection or drugs, the patient is able to go through the procedure without pain.
  3. No lost time. Most of the dental procedures are time consuming, but sedation dentistry help the dentist to complete them in less time. Also, the dentist is able to cover more work in less time. Thanks to this technique, patients no longer have to come back for numerous appointments.
  4. Affordable. Sedation dentistry is affordable and reasonable priced procedure.

Disadvantages of sedation dentistry

Patients who aren’t comfortable taking medications may not feel comfortable with sedation dentistry.

Some of the disadvantages are:

1. Not covered by insurance. Most of the dental insurance providers do not cover sedation dentistry, so the patients have to pay the technique from their own pockets. You better check the insurance plan to ensure whether the sedation dentistry it’s covered or not.

2. Effects of sedative drugs or gas. Depending on the tolerance level which is individual in each patient, people react differently. It’s vital that the sleep dentist determine the right amount of sedation needed for any patient individually, so that the patient will not suffer from any side effects.

3. Contradictions with other medications. For patients taking other medications, sedation dentistry may not be the right solution as they may experience unusual side effects. To avoid this, sleep dentist need to made a full disclosure of medical history of the patient.

4. Dentist recommend dental visits at every six months. But, this is not a case with patients that have experience dental fear. With sedation dentistry, the problem is resolved at list while the dental procedure is ongoing. What is important is that the sleep dentist is certified, well-trained with and experienced the procedure.

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