Muntingia Fruit And All The Amazing Goodies To Benefit Your Health

Muntingia fruit lives in soil, doesn’t tolerate acidic and alkaline conditions. However it doesn’t grow on saline conditions.

muntingia fruit

Aratilis or Muntingia calabura grows only in few regions of the world. Muntingia fruit grows in many regions around South America and in few parts of the central Caribbean. Therefore this fruit has got several names depending on the countries where it is coming from. However, you might have had the great experience of trying it and you wouldn’t know about it.

muntingia fruit

Among many people around the world, the modern name for Muntingia fruit is Jamaica cherry or  Singapore cherry. However, many people recognize the fruit as Panama berry and in many parts of the world it is also known as manzanitas.

Muntingia calabura is a shrub or tree and it grows up to 12 m tall and it has got big and spreading branches. The leaves are oblong or lanceolate and can grow from four to fifteen cm long. The leaves have toothed margin and covered in short hairs. Their flowers are small and can grow up to 3cm wide, solitary or in inflorescences of 2-3 flowers. Fruit, an edible berry, red at maturity, about 1.5 cm wide.

Muntingia fruit can be consumed raw or it can be processed into jams together with other cherries and berries.

Aratilis not only that tastes great, but it can be highly beneficial to our overall health.

Muntingia Ffrui important List

Below you can find several of the benefits that this fruit can provide.

  1. First

    Aratilis fruits contain well known anti-inflammatory properties. For that reason alone, people have been using muntingia fruits for reducing swellings and inflammations of the skin. This fruit can be as effective as most of the drugs on the market today.

  2. Second

    In Certain cases Aratilis fruits can be used as an antibiotics as well. This fruit can be quite effective in fighting bacteria in our body. When you are sick, we have advise by our MD’s to consume more food that contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, aratilis fruits are being used to boost the immune system, by many sports men around the world.

  3. Third

    Muntingia fruit can be also used for cancer treatment and prevention. Aratilis contains cytotoxic flavonoids, which are in the category of anti-cancer foods. Whether it is the fruit or the leaves, it can prevent the growth of cancer cells.

  4. Fourth

    And of course, aratilis contains flavanone compounds on which we elaborated more in previous posts. These compounds are very important for healthy development and proper functioning of the human brain. Consuming foods with flavanone compounds can stimulate cognitive functions. This can be beneficial to those who mild cognitive impairment and neurodegenerative disease.

Maybe most of the fruits are hard to find, there will be no hard time if you want to find muntingia fruit or aratilis. It grows everywhere and if you can get your hands on it, don’t hesitate to consume it.

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