This homemade mask is very effective for people who have a problematic skin. The effect is evident after the first use. This mask clears acne, pimples and blackheads, improves the complexion of the face and removes redness leaving your skin clean, soft and smooth.

This homemade mask with egg whites, can significantly narrow the pores on the face, dries oily skin and removes excess fatty secretions.

For the preparation of this mask you will need one egg and a paper towel (or napkin).


Separate the yolk from the egg white and beat both (separately). Then clean your face and apply the egg white all over your face.
Then take pieces of paper towel and put them on your face over the egg white, to look like a mask. You can spread the remaining egg white over the paper towel. Wait for 20-30 minutes, until fully dried. Then peel off the paper towel quickly, wash your face and apply the yolk to hydrate and soften the skin. Wait another 10 minutes and then wash your face.

However, this egg white mask is not suitable for all skin types. This mask is ideal for:

  • oily skin (because eliminates oily shine from the face
  • problematic skin (because reduces the inflammation)

WARNING: This facial mask is not recommended for people with sensitive and dry skin.

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