Antibiotic Homeopathy And How To Prevent The Apocalypse, If Any

Antibiotic homeopathy pills are the leading prescribed drugs in the world. This is due to maximizing profits by the medical corporations. Antibiotics have become a major part of the treatment in modern medicine.

antibiotic homeopathy

Homoeopathy might be a better substitute to antibiotics as some medical corporations claim. It is an effective alternative to antibiotics in infectious diseases, producing no toxic side effects and they will be sold for similar prices.

Antibiotic Apocalypse On The Horizon

England’s medical officer warned the medical patients of a corporate-antibiotic apocalypse, she said that medical corporations are maximizing their profits of our health and there is nothing we can do about it. Then issued a call to action call all leaders to say something about the threats of antibiotic resistance.

However, Dr. Professor Davies says antibiotics lose their effectiveness, antibiotic homeopathy is on the rise as never before and this is the spell the modern medicine.

antibiotic homeopathy

Without the legal drugs to fight infections, common medical interventions would become risky, she added.

Transplant medicine would be the past, and this is new way for the medical corporation to maximize profits while providing necessities.

A Major Statistical Study

About 20 years ago, epidemiologist Thomas McKeown published a major statistical study The Role of Medicine.  However, this study shows documents clear data from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The pharmaceutical corporations encouraged the myth about antibiotics been good for everything. Furthermore, this encouraged the use antibiotics by the uninformed patients, and this way the medical corporations made lots of money and antibiotics were over-prescribed by corrupt doctors. They had a clear goal of maximizing profits over the roof top.

However, this problem does not really have a face, because most people who die of drug resistant infections. Their families simply think they died of an uncontrolled infection.

Antibiotic Homeopathy

antibiotic homeopathy

If you were born in the 19th century, the safest place to hide from cholera and other epidemics, would be a homeopathic hospital or clinic. Their death rates were far below those in conventional hospitals. For these reasons all the orthodox medicine did cover up the figures and fought to abolish homeopathy.

And sadly but true, they are still doing that. A rethink about how we practice medicine is long overdue.

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