Various information related to corona virus or COVID-19 seemed to be a daily food in all walks of life. Not to mention about the number of positive cases of the corona virus that continues to grow every day.

On Thursday (3/26/2020), positive cases of the corona virus in Indonesia almost penetrated 1,000 or precisely 893 cases. With the number of 78 patients dying and 35 others recovering.

It is natural that people are getting more anxious or even have other reactions on our bodies. Even some of you will feel the symptoms that are marked by itchy throat to body temperature suddenly hot and cold.

“The current time when we read news or stories about the symptoms of the #corona virus or # COVID19 and suddenly we feel our throat a bit itchy, painful and feel a little chill, even though normal body temperature. That’s natural,” said Mental Health Expert Andri SpKJ via Twitter account @mbahndi.

Apparently the symptoms shown were psychosomatic reactions in the body. One that makes this reaction can arise is anxiety.

Anxiety arises because the amygdala or the center of anxiety, as well as human memory, is too actively working. Finally unable to cope with the hard work.

“This overworked amygdala also activates the autonomic nervous system excessively. We are always in a condition of fight or flight or continuous alert,” he explained.

Imbalance, he continued, made psychosomatic symptoms appear as a reaction to be prepared to face threats. Then you must be able to manage these psychosomatic symptoms.

“The trick is to reduce and limit information related to COVID-19. Do something other than browsing, do fun hobbies and spread optimism we can get over all this,” he concluded.


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