Cold Hands and Feet? Bad Circulation Is The Main Reason And This Is How To Treat It!

by Steven | March 14, 2016 8:41 pm

Cold hands and feet are few ways to find out if you have bad circulation. You can check for lower temperature at extremities, red or purple discoloration, numbness and tingly sensation. If you have any of those symptoms you might have bad circulation.

Some people say, why are my hands cold and some say my hands are cold all of the time.

However, it may sound terrible; but it is easily fixable and if treated it is not that dangerous.

Symptoms of bad circulation

If you experience cold hands or some of the above mentioned symptoms you should check with your physician for bad circulation. Do not hesitate to check it out. If left untreated; it can lead to major problems and even amputation of limbs and many more.

How to deal with poor circulation:

Cold hands

All of the above are advices and tips that can help you with bad circulation. Since there are not a lot of good tips on the internet, we hope this list help you in your treatment. None of the advices mentioned above can hurt you in any way possible. They can just aid in your battle with bad circulation.

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