A series of top Italian athletes infected with the corona virus, including the one just announced, Juventus striker Paulo Dybala. Many are then curious, if athletes with prime fitness alone can be infected, is it still recommended for exercise?

The Sports Medicine Specialist Association (PDSKO) recently issued a guide to staying active during the COVID-19 pandemic. This guide still emphasizes that a sedentary lifestyle can reduce the body’s immunity thereby increasing the risk of viral infection.

“PDSKO still recommends to remain active during the COVID-19 pandemic,” the guide wrote.

However, this guide also warns against overtraining, aka excessive exercise with high intensity. This suggestion is explained by a curve with the letter ‘J’.

“The ‘J’ shaped curve states that moderate intensity physical exercise can increase body immunity, whereas high intensity exercise actually decreases body immunity thereby increasing the risk of infection,” explained this guide.

How to distinguish medium intensity and high intensity? A speech test can be counted on for that. It is said that the intensity is moderate if during physical training a person can still talk even though heaving. If you can’t talk, it means high intensity.

Well, it’s clear. As long as the intensity is not as high as Paulo Dybala during training, regular exercise is recommended to help endurance.

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