Back Pain? Here is how to treat it.

Treating the back by alternative medicine

Eight out of 10 people have suffered, are suffering or will suffer from back pain. Although the back pain is very common, it is also a pain that disables us from doing our regular activities. How can we react?

back pain

There are several solutions: anti-inflammatory and analgesic medications, traditional medicine, or maybe we should turn to alternative medicine.

Who’s advice should we follow? Some run from one specialist to another, follow the advice of friends …, but the ideal is to get good advice from your doctor and to know a little more about these often complementary practices.

Physiotherapy and Mezieres methodFIZIO


The diagnosis starts with an overall reading of the body by stretching and exercises on these chains and coninues with the treatment where the practitioner and the patient must interact one with another, and the approach is different from patient to patient.

This method has a beneficial effect on the balance of the autonomic nervous system and also allows realignment of the body posture. This method can be used for all pathologies of the spine, with the exception of hyperacute pain, where traditional medicine is more effective.

Osteopathy, a scienceOSTORO
and an art

The osteopathy has spread as one of the most effective back pain treatments over the last twenty years.

The word “osteopathy” comes from osteon (Greek bone) and pathos (affection).No wonder that this term refers to a manual medicine, where the skeleton plays a big role.

For osteopaths, different structures of the body have the ability to move freely. The osteopathic hand and the body structure whose mechanics are altered to correct the disorder in question and carry the organism to self-healing. Both preventive and curative, this manual medicine is to balance the musculo-skeletal structures and visceral who have lost their mobility.

Like the Mezieres method, it considers that all body parts are connected together. But unlike the latter, it can relieve and treat acute pain and is effective for acute low back pain and sciatica. “The preamble to all manipulations is a diagnosis in which we identify where the osteopathic lesion is located, it can be traced back throughout the history of the body and meet old lesions, comments Florence Labbé, osteopath. The next step is to analyze the mobility of different body structures. Treatment is based on pressure and stretching techniques, as well as spinal manipulation and sometimes skull. ”

The osteopathy takes into account the body compensation phenomena, which compensate for a pain at a location offset to regain his balance, modifying its physiology and even his anatomy. “Many back problems can be avoided by adopting good posture, says Florence Labbé. Our work is also preventive. In selecting specialist, as in the daily gestures, the patient may be an actor of his recovery. ”

Chinese medicines, acupuncture1another alternative?

If the interest of acupuncture against the back pain remains the subject of heated debate, another technique, less “hot”, is the subject of much attention deal with back pain, it’s the acupressure. This technique replaces the needles through pressure with fingertips to the same acupuncturepoints.

According to Chinese medicine, these points are located along lines of force, called meridians. Their stimulation depends rebalancing of Yin and Yang, necessary for the proper flow of energy. Although this theory may appear far from our medicine, acupressure has shown some effectiveness face some pain, but little work had previously tried to estimate his actions against the backache.

Austrian researchers have yet evaluated the effectiveness of a porous plaster chilli derived from the Chinese pharmacopoeia. Originally intended for the relief of musculoskeletal disorders, this product has proven effective in patients with low back pain. For patients who are failing the face of traditional medicines, the acupressure can be interesting without taking risks!

To self-treatment with the McKenzie MethodMAK

The McKenzie method is especially useful for people suffering from back looking to become independent with self-care techniques. It aims to teach postural corrections and self-care exercises adapted to each case to ensure lasting relief.

The basic concept of self-treatment of the McKenzie approach, is that most patients can learn to “self-treat” their back pain as well as the joints of the limbs. The patient then becomes the main actor of his own healing.

The McKenzie Method, which can be practiced by physiotherapists, is indicated in the back pain of mechanical origin (back pain, disc disease, back pain, neck pain) and can be helpful in osteoarthritis (spondylosis, osteophytes …).

And chiropractic?

According chiropractic, spinal column is a veritable “nervous information highway” that serves all systems of our body. But a stress, physical or psychological, can create little pressure on the nerves that lead to loss of mobility of the vertebrae. Muscles contract and back pain are so apparent.
The chiropractor uses mainly manual methods. Some studies show that these manipulations have a real effect on pain.
However, there are some cons-indications to these manipulations (osteoarthritis, inflammatory disease, bone lesions …).

Off to a spa treatmentSPA

Finally, since there is no harm in doing good, according to the disease. The daily tension and stress are often the cause of back pain and stays in spa can combine relaxation, relief of back pain and prevention.

The spas specialize in the management of back pain combine different therapeutic methods.


Take back your hand!

  • To pick up a heavy load: do not lean to pick up an object placed on the floor, or to raise a child. To avoid rounding the back, it is better to bow by bending at the axis of the hips, bend the knees while keeping your back straight. Same advice to his bed, empty the dishwasher, tie his shoes …
  • For  races: it is better to avoid wearing bags at arms. Take preferably a basket on wheels or squeeze the bag against you both arms.
  • Always prefer a chair with wheels and a folder (choose the slightly arched at the height of the lumbar vertebrae) to avoid twists and chock up straight against the backrest. Allow at least 60 cm of space between you and the computer.
  • For household  chores: to vacuum, there is the perfect position!One leg forward and one back, trunk straight, bending knees slightly forward or backward. For ironing, it is better to sit at the right height of the board as board standing legs straight.
  • When driving a car, try to have the head and back straight. Drive by wedging your back against the seat. Possibly slip a little cushion at the level of the kidneys.
  • To  sit: in general, sudden movements can affect the spine. Do not let you down in a chair or on a bed and getting up suddenly to spare your spine.

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