Botox has become very popular in the cosmetic industry in the last few decades. An while it can give amazing results, there are a number of cases where the botox injections did more harm than good.

What is botox?

Botox is one of the many trade names for the neurotoxic protein called botulinum toxin. If taken in large doses, the protein causes botulism, which is a rare paralytic illness often linked to food poisoning.

If you’re thinking about botox, you must be familiar with its good and bad sides. Ask an expert any questions that bother you to know exactly what you’re getting into, but be aware of the botox side effects.
Side effects of botox

Botox may not do what you expect

Many people have a wrong perception about the botox. Botox will not fill wrinkles, but it will numb the muscles in the next 3-4 weeks. This means that it will make the contractions of muscles harder that create wrinkles. Will it be beneficial to the wrinkles around the lips? No, there will be needed a procedure to fill the wrinkles.

There is a black market

Although you don’t want to believe, there is a black market of botox. Many companies purchase cheap kind of botox and charge them much more expensive. Before you start doing anything, research in which you are going in. Don’t look only at the price, but on what will be inserted in your face. If it’s too cheap compared to the other offers, it’s possible that you’re dealing with the black market botox or botox which is nearing its expiration date.

Exaggeration can worsen your appearance

If you overboard with botox, your skin will eventually look too relaxed and worse than ever before. Excessive use of botox can weaken your muscles, cause an unnatural appearance and pain.

You won’t see results immediately

It takes 3-7 days to see the real results and it will last about 4 months. If you just started with putting botox for fine lines on your face, it’s possible that botox will slow the emergence of other wrinkles.

Botox isn’t painless

Although not particularly painful for most patients, remember that it’s about the use of needles. During the treatment you will feel tingling. If the pain threshold is very low, certainly consult with an expert because there are creams that can numb the tissue and thus make the whole process more beautiful.

Forget about aspirin and fish oil

Aspirin and fish oil should not be consumed at least one week prior to treatment because they hinder blood clotting and wound vulnerary. It is important before you stop taking aspirin or fish oil to advice with a physician.

You have to be very careful after the procedure

No bending of the head, no yoga, no drying hair and no tight hats after the treatment. In other words, the head should be kept upright as much as possible.

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