Herbal medicine or traditional ingredients are alternatives that are used by the community to support health. One of the traditional ingredients that is easily found is binahong leaves.

Reporting from the Drhealthbenefits page, binahong leaves are useful as a cure for various diseases and can prevent chronic diseases.

This also makes binahong plants often dubbed magic leaves because it has been used for herbal medicine. Then what are the properties of these leaves, the following reviews.

Lung Protector

Binahong leaves are useful for maintaining lung health or preventing shortness of breath, so this is suitable for consumption by residents who live in cities that are full of pollution. To make a healthy concoction from the plant, take 10 parts of the leaves and then boil them until cooked. Then drink the juice every day to get maximum results.

Stomach Pain Medication

Stomach ache is a disease that can affect anyone. If you happen to experience it, it is recommended to use binahong leaves as a cure.

How to get the benefits of this herbal plant is easy, namely to boil binahong leaves and drink the juice.

External Injury Medication

Binahong leaves are also efficacious for healing external wounds. The trick is to stick the leaves in the injured skin. Paste until the wound looks dry. This method is also safe to do to avoid the risk of infection due to bacteria or other microorganisms.

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