Even if you do not believe in the power of these healing stones, enjoy in their beauty. They can improve your health, eliminate stress and boost your immunity.

Crystals are used as power stabilizers, enhancers and transformers that can change the quality and quantity of some radiations. This is particularly important when it comes to harmful radiation in our environment.

Crystal therapy is one of the oldest methods that people used and the positive effects of crystals for healing has long been known. Fascinated by the colors and the brightness, people used crystals in their everyday life and special occasions, religious and ritual events. The beauty of crystals aroused positive feelings, pure thoughts and creative ideas. Women used crystals for decorations and for help in important life situations, and men to acquire power and proof of status and wealth.

Crystal therapy is a natural therapy that has a simple structure and is applied by many alternative doctors. It is an old skill and art of setting crystals, minerals and precious stones on or around you, for deep relaxation, stress relief and pain relief, as well as for balancing the physical and subtle body. Crystal therapy has many amazing benefits.

However, we should point out that crystal therapy is not a substitute for doctor or alternative physician.

Benefits of crystal healing

The human body is surrounded by bio magnetic sheath that secures protective zone around the physical body and contains information about the physical, emotional and spiritual state of the person, which is called aura. Through the aura energy flows constantly and diseases occurs when there are imbalances and inability of the flow of energy, which is manifested by psycho mental and physical disorders.

The main causes are stress and negative thoughts, natural and artificial harmful radiation. Crystals heal and protect from harmful influences. Crystals have natural energy and they are used for intensifying energies for healing and also help to absorb and eliminate negative energies. This energy is subtle and completely harmless to organism, but is enough to move the defense mechanisms of the body and re-establish the disturbed electromagnetic fields.

Crystals with its suppression of vibrations stimulate man’s natural capacity for self healing. They emit energy and act on individual human organs. When man’s energies are in balance, in the physical world that manifests as health.

But how different crystals affect the body?

  1. Amber – Amber is worn directly on the skin and under the influence of body heat, releases medicinal oils. This has calming effect on babies when their teeth grows. Amber generally strengthens immunity.
  2. Jade – Relieves from stress and helps in detoxification, increases immunity and slows the aging process.
  3. Amethyst – Causes calm, tranquility and helps distraction and headache. Protects against stress, insomnia and mental tension.
  4. Aquamarine – Roman sailors believed that aquamarine brings good luck at sea and prevent sea sickness. According to some beliefs this crystal has medicinal properties for treating sore throat, gums, intestines and liver.
  5. Rock crystals – Stimulates all chakras; useful for protection against impact energy from other people and protects against radiation computers.
  6. Topaz – Stunning charm against the “evil eye.” Has many medicinal properties for asthma, insomnia and mental illness.
  7. Turquoise – Useful for muscle regeneration, helps with stress and headache.
  8. Agate – Protects against harmful radiation from the storm, lightning, headache and fever. Prevents skin irritation, fever and treatment of eye infections, improves eyesight and circulation.
  9. Granite – Protects from harm and has a healing effect on the heart, blood circulation and lung. It strengthens bones and skin.
  10. Hematite – Reduces body temperature, blood disorders, anemia, nervousness, insomnia, helps in healing of wounds and broken bones.
  11. Coral – Excellent charm for teenagers. In the past, people used to make powder and mixed with water. With this mixture they treated diseases of internal organs.
  12. Cats Eye – Fights against lung disease, has calming effects and is used to treat mental disorders.
  13. Sapphire – Useful for mental clarity and against depression. Treat high fever, and hearing problems.
  14. Pink Quartz – Acts on the heart, circulation, improves the kidney and revitalize skin. If you carry it with yourself, it will be easier to get rid of excess pounds. Fills you with love and happiness, affect the removal of obsessions and psychoses, harmonize energy and removes arrhythmia of the heart.
  15. Emerald – Has a healing effect on eyesight, memory and nerves.

Before use, crystals should be thoroughly cleaned. Wash the crystals under running water for several minutes and put them on a place, where they can fill with sunlight. Another option is to clear the crystals from all negative energy, by putting them into the ground for some time. Crystals can help people, when they gave up all other methods of treatment. Sometimes even a very small piece of crystal can achieve satisfactory effect.

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