Government Spokesperson for COVID-19 Handling, Achmad Yurianto reminded the public not to be unaware of other diseases amid the COVID-19 Pandemic. Especially now that Indonesia is entering the transition season.

“Let me remind you once again, this month that we entered the transition phase, the classic picture of this episode is the emergence of dengue fever,” he said in a Press Conference at BNPB, Sunday, April, 2020.

Therefore, Yuri appealed to the community to eradicate mosquito nests to prevent dengue fever. Because, if dengue fever can worsen the condition when simultaneously with COVID-19.

“With your family at home, let’s do the Mosquito Nest Eradication because we know that the emergence of dengue will worsen the morbidity and mortality rate when it mixes or is mixed with COVID-19,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the latest data released by BNPB as of April 5, 2020, the total positive cases of COVID-19 touched 2,273 cases. 164 of them were declared cured, while 198 people were reported dead.

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