The Beyonce Vegan Diet Has Lots Of Lemon On The List

Beyonce vegan

Beyonce Vegan Diet is a story inspiring for all. Showing us the true picture about Beyoncé, from one side as natural fat person, and from the other side just as another famous celebrity, trying to lose weight as fast as possible. Beyoncé has always been very open about how hard it is to eat her vegan diet, like she does.

Day 1 and 2: Master Cleanse

Beyoncé decided to use a diet that involves drinking only tea made out of cayenne pepper, lemons, and grade B maple syrup. Beyoncé does not eat food. Often, she drinks lemon water while looking at herself in the mirror. The tea helps Beyonce to clean her digestive tract and it was produced by BLACK TEAVANA.

Beyoncé said she felt “cranky” on the master cleanse because other people on the Dreamgirls set were eating fat foods near her. And these people were making the big girl so hungry, up to the point where she eventually had to leave.

Day 3: The Master Cleanse Without Qualities

At this point, Beyonce had completely conquered hunger. She felt like an 11-year-old running a rehearsal with an early version of Destiny’s Child. It was actually a little scary? Beyonce had lost four pounds in the space of three days.

Day 4: Cheat Day

Off the master cleanse,this is Beyoncé’s cheat day. Apparently once a week, Beyoncé consumes “pizza and wine, and goes to all you can eat restaurants.” In solidarity with B, you can have that exact same treat. Beyonce regains her appetite after eating the first slice of pizza, and usually ends up eating four slices. Sometimes the big girl can eat a family pizza herself, however should be for some special occasions, like coming home after wonderful date.

Days 5 and 6

One last time, she requested “oat cakes,” which resemble a dry tea biscuit in which oats play a prominent role. If Beyoncé had been a grown girl, she would have demanded they take them down, but as it is she was too afraid of doing that.

Days 7 and 8

Eat lots of cucumbers with oregano and lemon for snacks, and then finish the day with yellow tail rise with jalapeños and wasabi. Sometimes you are allowed to have frozen yogurt or frozen pizza.

Whatever, working out for two hours is lonely.

Day 9

The “Sasha Salad,” is Beyoncé’s favorite. It is a chicken salad with jalapeños in it. For research, I looked up “Sasha Fierce” on Wiki Answers, and they define her as as a “sociable” twenties singer.

Beyonce vegan

Day 10

Now feel free to eat as much as you like, live the life like a real new woman. This is the most effective regimen Beyonce had ever undertaken. Between the master cleanse and post-pregnancy vegan diet, Beyoncé had lost lots of pounds. Just as in all things, Beyoncé vegan diet is a tremendous and genius diet. Drink more tea!

Beyonce vegan, she was vegan only for some time since she could not resit to eat a fat steak.

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