MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGH: Hemp Cannabidiol (CBD) Product Approved by Brazilian Government for Cancer Treatment

The government of Brazil just approved the use of a hemp cannabidiol (CBD) product from Medical Marijuana, Inc as a cancer treatment.

Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO) has also been approved by Brazil as a prescription medication for Parkinson’s, epilepsy and chronic pain.

This move proves how compassionate Brazil government is to those suffering from these devastating diseases. They are offering the people a safe and affordable medicine that can treat serious medical conditions such as cancer.

There are some serious accusations and controversies surrounding the U.S. government and their stand against the use of these medicines. Some even claim that the U.S. government only seeks to protect the profits of Big Pharma and its opioid drugs.

According to some journalists, The U.S. government seeks only to protect the profits of Big Pharma at all costs. Medical marijuana continues to be criminalized at the federal level as a tactic to protect the highly lucrative opioid prescription drug market that enriches the pharmaceutical corporations.

Because of the new approval, now, any resident of Brazil who has a government-approved medical indication can have access to RSHO hemp oil products and may do so with both a doctor’s prescription and government-approved import documentation.

Laboratory tested and verified CBD as cancer treatment

One thing to worry about is counterfeit and/or contaminated products. While Medical Marijuana Inc. does all the works in laboratories in order to quantitate and validate the CBD content of their products, some hemp growers are known to use toxic herbicides, pesticides and extraction solvents to help them create their hemp products.

Medical marijuana is a major threat to cancer profits, which is the reason why every attempt to implement it in the treatments of some diseases are aggressively and viciously fought against. Controversial to their claims to help other people, they offer extreme resistance against CBD and medical marijuana, even when such natural products could undoubtedly save lives, ease suffering and vastly reduce cancer treatment medical costs.

According to Natural News, access to medical marijuana is a fundamental human right that shouldn’t be infringed by any government. We all should support and help companies like Medical Marijuana  Inc. to succeed in fighting and overthrowing the corrupt regulatory regime that denies us access to safe and affordable medicines which can save lives and reduce medical costs across the country.

Hemp agriculture should be legalized around the world, and CBD should be universally legalized as a safe and effective natural medicine. If one government can do it,  then all others should try. We do need a regulatory environment in order to ensure safe growth and distribution of the medicines without company executives being accused of criminal conduct by the FTC.

Brazil has laid the foundations to this goal, proving that even though the nation may suffer from serious political and economic problems, its heart and soul are far more advanced than the U.S. government which denied its citizens access to hemp products for the medical cancer treatment.

It is wise to demand strict and scientific analysis of hemp and CBD products before purchasing them. Counterfeiting is widespread across the industry.

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