Bunion Removal and Pain Relief Easy And Natural Solutions

by Nick | April 9, 2017 11:41 am

We all know how much bunions pain can be really bad, not to mention bunion removal, being even harder. Bunions are actually deformation on the feet. They form usually on the feet big toes, and manifest when the toes are “out of place”. This abnormal deformation is caused by years of pressure on the big toe joint that pressures it to bend towards the others. All of this causes severe pain in the joint.


Easy homemade recipes for bunion removal

Before doing any of this, it is highly recommended to clear your body of any salt deposits by doing the following:

This process of bunion removal is actually naturally dissolving stones by converting them into sand. The whole process will take about 2 months until the bunion removal process is finished you will be pain free completely.

Bay leaves & alcohol mixture for bunion removal

The last recipe bunion pain relief is by using iodine and aspirin

 As a forth option you can use lemon juice and iodine. The process is same as described in the previous recipe. This is also pain relief solution, but it won’t help you for bunion removal.

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