Responding to the new Corona Virus pandemic (COVID-19), several countries have taken a lockdown step, closing their territory or country. It also affects the agenda of some residents who will be traveling. A senior couple from Melbourne, Australia for example.

Norma and Dave plan to celebrate their 53rd wedding anniversary on a 10-day cruise around the Pacific Islands. But they were forced to cancel the agenda because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But the princess is no less resourceful. For the sake of his happy parents who are now 74 years old, Jane Trill “prepared the atmosphere” similar to a trip on a cruise. Jane also uploaded a video of her parents’ unique moments through social media and has now become viral.

Seen in Jane’s uploads, Norma and Dave put on a bathrobe, sat side by side, stretched their legs and enjoyed their drinks in front of the open ocean view. Do not forget, the typical music of tropical countries accompanied the background.

Take advantage of the TV screen

Actually the view of the blue sea in front of the elderly couple is a big TV screen, not the real sea. But that did not seem to reduce the happiness of Norma and Dave.

“They canceled the trip because of the Corona Virus and we thought they could cheer them on by making a trip simulation using the ocean video Youtube and they dressed like people on a cruise,” Jane said, launching the New York Post page.

“We did not stop laughing at him and that really helped us become happier. We rolled around laughing,” he continued.

The video Jane uploaded on social media received a positive response from citizens. On average, they salute the attitude of the elderly couple who can respond to the COVID-19 outbreak in a good and stylish manner.

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