Cardiovascular exercises are aerobic type exercises. In addition to strengthening the cardiovascular system and weight loss, they are also great for your brain health. Improving the circulation will bring more blood to the brain and will supply it with oxygen and glucose, which are needed for normal functioning.

Every movement of the muscles will start to encourage the release of various hormones that act on the brain. These hormones affect the growth of brain cells, regulate mood and improve concentration.

Key hormones are being released with cardio exercises:

  • Serotonin (improves mood);
  • Dopamine (improves concentration and memory);
  • Norepinephrine (positive effect on attention, perception, motivation and sexual arousal).

If you exercise every day, the release of hormones and improving circulation will stimulate brain growth. In recent study, researchers found that 1 hour of exercises, three times a week for a period of 6 months encourages growth in the hippocampus, part of the brain responsible for memory and learning.
How to exercise your brain?


People who exercise every day show 23% higher productivity. Exercising acts as a cup of coffee. The heart begins to work faster, improves blood circulation to meet the body energy and your thoughts become clearer. With only 30 minutes of easy cycling you can improve your brain and concentration, which will be at a high level over the next 60 minutes.


If you’re not good in remembering names, leave games such as Sudoku and start to exercise your brain with cardio exercises. A study has shown that women resolve test memory 20% better after running. The intensity of the exercise is also important. Scientists have determined that information memory improves by 20% after intense physical activity.


Scientists have proven that regular exercise significantly reduces the level of stress. Twenty minutes of cycling will improve your mood. Best of all, the good mood would last in the next 12 hours. During the exercise it comes to growth of new cells in the brain. They will help the brain to deal with the stress. In other words, your brain will be better to deal with any stressful situation if you practice regularly.


Researchers found that people who regularly practice are much more skilled in everyday communication on private and business plan. After only a few months of regular exercise you will feel more self-confident, which will lead to successful communications that involve compromise, negotiation, contracting and other. In addition to better communication, people who regularly practice make easier and faster the best possible decisions.


Forget about anti-depressants and begin with exercise. Scientists have proven that exercise reduces the risk of depression and the incidence of emotional disturbances. Physical activity will release hormones that stimulate a good mood (endorphins, serotonin). The self-confidence plays a major role in determining mood. With exercise you will improve your appearance, you will feel more self-confident and you will be in better mood.

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