Rome- President of the Italian Football Federation (FIGC), Gavriele Gravina, open the discourse of the Italian League can still be continued this season. For this reason, he hopes the club will prepare to run the competition protocol after the Corona Covid-19 virus outbreak stops.

Experts in Italy have indicated that corona covid-19 cases are starting to show a decline in new cases and deaths. Because Italy has passed the peak period.

The discourse to roll back the Italian League on May 20-28 is as realistic now. The National Medical Committee also held a press conference to explain this.

“If and when we get the green light to restart football, the world of football must be ready,” Gravina said of the Italian League.

Readiness Protocol

Then what is the football protocol after the corona covid-19 pandemic? The protocol has been prepared.

Although the definition of health protocol has not really been defined.

Later there will be division of teams into groups, conducting diagnostic tests involving molecules, blood and serum tests.

“Protocols carried out to players and staff who were infected and successfully recovered from Covid-19 were also discussed,” Gravina said.


Gravina also indicated that everything related to the training should be held in a closed place. He gave an example of a sports center or training center.

“Players must also be sanitized, in line with hygiene standards,” he said.

The team reportedly will be divided into positive group covid-19 so that it is separate, players who have antibodies and players without antibodies.

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