Good drinking and eating habits along with training, motivation, conditioning, adequate sleep are very important for great sports performance. Without all these elements, there are no any sport supplements that will turn you in champion. The number of athletes who are becoming destructed by the wide range of sports nutrition products is constantly increasing. They usually use these products in hope of maximizing their performance, which is understandable when consider how many of them are attacked by marketing hype from the sport supplement industry.

In the scientific literature there is evidence according to which there are some nutrition supplements that can really help the athletes to achieve great performance under direction of qualified professional and under certain circumstances. According to AIS – Australian Institute of Sport there are four categories of sports nutrition products – A, B, C and D.

Supplements from group A are intended for specific situations and are made for evidence-based uses. This group includes sports gels, sports drinks, bars, liquid meals, whey protein, Bicarbonate, Caffeine and Creatine.

  • Group B includes supplements that deserving of further research. Here are Beetroot juice, B-alanine, Anti-oxidants C and E, Carnitine etc.
  • Group C are those that haven’t any benefits and aren’t provided to athletes such as Inosine, Lactaway, Ribose etc.
  • At the end, group D are those with high risk of contamination.

The WADA – World Anti-Doping Agency has created a list of forbidden substances. This list isn’t definitive but defines classes of forbidden substances. If an athlete takes a products which includes a forbidden substances and have positive results in a drugs test, the athlete is responsible for those results regardless if he was or wasn’t ware of the presence of those substances. The production, sale and marketing of these supplements is multi-million euro business and despite all regulations for controlling supplements, there are still wide range of them which aren’t controlled.

Wide range of world known athletes choose to supplement their diet with sports nutrition products such as protein and energy bars, protein powders and drinks. Even there isn’t guarantee when it comes to safety of these products, there are still some steps being taken in order to lower the risks for athletes. Vitamins, minerals and sports nutrition products produced by reliable companies are considered as safe to take as well as less associated with health risks. So, if you are interested in adding any sport products in your diet routine, try to buy some that are produced by reliable and well known company.

As a summary:

  • Do not ignore the importance of getting the basic rights. You need a great eating and training plan if you want to optimize your performance in sport.
  • Sports nutrition products will not make up if you make a poor dietary choices.
  • Always look for advice from professional person or institution when it comes to consuming any sport supplements.
  • Make sure that those professional is familiar with World Anti-Doping Agency forbidden list.
  • Keep in mind that supplements made to be fat-burning or muscle-building are more likely to be connected with health risks.
  • And last but not least, if it sounds like it’s too good to be true, then it probably is.

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