Sleep apnea takes the dream away of many people, but fortunately, there are many highly-advanced methods and machines that can reduce the impact. The most popular choice of many sleep apnea patients is CPAP machine. CPAP machine (continuous positive airway pressure) is a device that allows the patients suffering from sleep apnea have a restful sleep like normal people. It is consisted of an actual unit and a mask that covers the mouth and nose of the patients. There are CPAP machines for sale Australia that cover the nose only, intended for those who can not get comfortable with the basic mask. Today, most patients prefer the nose-only masks.

Lack of sleep in the night causes daytime drowsiness and sleepiness, making it very hard to normal function at work, school or elsewhere. Lost night sleep can also stimulate the aging process, increase the blood pressure and diabetes and many other health hazards. To threat your obstructive sleep apnea, you need to wear your CPAP machine while sleeping. It may be difficult to get used to, but once you do, you will steadily and healthy breath through the night. The smooth air flow from your CPAP machine keeps your airway open and normal oxygen levels while you sleep.

CPAP machines for sale in Australia promise a better sleep at night, with significantly reduced breathing issues. The CPAP machine has a different impact at each person, but same result. Very few people like the CPAP machines, while they all love the results. If you are having problems with getting used to your CPAP machine, here are few tips you can try to make your CPAP machine a bed-partner.

Wear It During The Day For Short Periods

Wear your CPAP mask during the day for short periods, whether while reading a book or watching TV. This can significantly help you to get used to wearing your mask and you will feel much more natural and free when trying to fall asleep at night.

Adjust Your Mask To Comfort Level

Make all the needed adjustments to your mask, all until it feels comfortable and fits your face naturally. Also, you can use one of those bed pillows, especially designed for a CPAP mask.

Try Out A Saline Nasal Spray

Since nasal congestion is threatening, you can try to ease it with a saline nasal spray. It can help with both sinus or nasal congestion. Some CPAP machines for sale in Australia come with this spray.

If these helpful tips do not work for you, make sure to consult a sleep medicine physician. There are many different CPAP machines for sale in Australia and not all can fit you. The most common issues are air pressure not adjusted well and mask not fitting the face properly.

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