Enough is Enough: 7 Tips That Will Destroy Bad Breath in a Few Seconds

Did many people tell you that you have bad breath? Unfortunately, this is one of the things that can reduce your confidence.

Having a bad breath can be a confidence killer especially when someone approaches you and tell you that.

However, this is not a permanent condition and it can be mediated with few easy techniques.

  1. Using Baking soda instead of toothpaste

Toothpaste that doesn’t contain caustic soda only cover up the smell of food and bacteria. However, bicarbonate of soda actually neutralizes it. The only negative effect from baking soda is the bad taste compared to ordinary toothpaste. To deal with this, you can wash your teeth with toothpaste after washing them with baking soda to neutralize the taste of the soda.

  1. Flossing

When you are flossing your teeth, take the time to thoroughly clean the insides of the teeth in order to remove any food residue. The point of flossing is to clean your teeth in those areas where a toothbrush can not reach. It is important to constantly floss and if possible, to use thread immediately after eating to help neutralize the unpleasant odor in the mouth.

  1. Rub your tongue

Rubbing your tongue is just as important as washing and cleaning your teeth. There are various bacterias that are easily created in your mouth, some of which are the direct cause of bad breath. It is especially important to rub it in the morning because at that time bacteria is easily created.


  1. Make more time for oral hygiene

oral hygieneIt is important to brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes. It is also important to use different motions while brushing your teeth. Up and down, left to right and circular motions will help you reach some of the places in your mouth that are hard to reach. You will lose time, but losing 2 minutes on personal hygiene compared to having bad breath makes it an easy choice.

  1. Don’t eat just before you go to sleep

Going to sleep with food particles in the mouth can have a negative effect on your breath. To prevent this, try to eat at least 30 minutes or more before going to bed. An easier thing to do is to wash your mouth after every meal to remove any pieces of food from your mouth.

  1. Brush your teeth at least 3 times a day

Instead of washing your teeth twice a day, when you wake up and go to bed, try doing it few more times a day. If you have problems with bad breath, it is highly recommended to wash your teeth at least 3 times a day. This will keep your teeth clean and prevent any build up of bacteria in the mouth that is causing bad breath.

  1. Constantly drink water

Drinking plenty of water is a great way to mediate this unpleasant problem. The water washes your mouth and prevents it from drying. Drinking water is healthy and cheaper than drinking juices. Juices also have high levels of sugar and caffeine, which stimulates the growth of tartar.

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