Are you struggling to quit smoking? If so, nice move. Becoming aware of the negative effects that smoking has on your health and admitting that you have a problem with nicotine addiction are the initial steps on your quit smoking journey. What’s next? To find a solution to the problem of course.

If you’ve been here before, you probably know that most of the smoking cessation methods and products don’t work on the long run. This is not a reason for you to give up on your intention to make something good for your health. Why not consider hypnotherapy as an option instead?

According to some studies it has been proven that quit smoking hypnotherapy can help some people control their nicotine cravings. The question to which many tobacco cigarettes smokers are eager to find the answer is: Does quit smoking hypnotherapy works?

What sets apart hypnotherapy among the other methods for smoking cessation, is the fact that this method treats the core of the problem not the symptoms. More specifically, it’s known that it is the subconscious mind that controls our habitual behaviours. This is why when you stop smoking for a certain period you experience nicotine cravings which in most cases are difficult to control.

How quit smoking hypnotherapy works?

Hypnotherapy is performed with trained professional hypnosis practitioner. The hypnotherapist will help you come to a state of deep relaxation or also know as trance or deep sleep state. When you are in trance you are more open to accepting suggestions. When it comes the quit smoking hypnotherapy, the suggestions are usually related with the negative effects of smoking. For example: “Smoking is poisoning my body”, “The cigarette smoke is bad for my kid’s health”, “I don’t want to get lung cancer”, and so on.

With repetition of such suggestions anytime nicotine cravings happen, you can change the way you look at cigarettes. More specifically, you will change your subconscious thoughts regarding cigarettes and nicotine. In this way the chances that you will become more aware about the negative effects of cigarettes on your health are increased.

In summary, quit smoking hypnotherapy is not a miracle-promising method that will make your nicotine addiction disappear quickly, but at least you can try. You have nothing to loose, you can only gain.

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