Dr. David Levy, a respected neurosurgeon in California, wanted to include his faith into his work because he believed that he needed to use the word and the message of God for healing his patients. In his book “Gray Matter”, Dr. Levy describes his medical stories about his battle to convince his patients and colleagues that a prayer will help a lot. The book “Gray Matter” describes in details the connection between modern medicine and religion. When he started to pray for his patients before the surgery, he noticed positive results. In his book “Gray Matter”, Dr. Levy says that thanks to the power of a prayer, the lives of his patients have reached levels of improved physical, emotional and spiritual health like never before.

But this was not an easy task for Dr. Levy. Because modern medicine and religion are separated one from another, Dr. Levy was afraid that he could lose his reputation and respect from his colleagues and patients because of his prayers. In the book “Gray Matter” he explains that at the beginning he was concerned about the decision whether to pray for his patients before the operation. But a simple visit to his dentist changed all of that. One day he went to his dentist for a simple dental procedure, and his dentist noticed that Dr. Levy was very nervous and said a prayer for him. Dr. Levy immediately after the prayer noticed that he felt peace like never before. By experiencing the positive benefits of a prayer personally, he started to pray for his patients in the examination room.

In his book “Gray Matter”, Dr. Levy explains his first experience when he started to pray for one of his patients. He says that he felt that he heard a voice telling him to pray to one of his patients, Mrs. Jones. He was scared and nervous, but he asked Mrs. Jones to pray for her in his examination room. He wasn’t ready to pray in front of the nurses and colleagues, and therefore waited to stay alone with Mrs. Jones. Dr. Levy said a short prayer and asked God to give him the skills and the strength to successfully complete the surgery. The prayer gave Dr. Levy the peace he needed to perform the surgery. Later, Mrs. Jones thanked Dr. Levy because the surgery went well. Very soon after that, one of the nurses told him that all of the medical staff noticed that he was praying with his patients. Then she asked Dr. Levy whether the nurses could join him during the prayers.

The book “Gray Matter” by Dr. David Levy is an incredible piece of work that connects the modern medicine with religion. It tells that the message of God helps a lot in all aspects of life, including work. This book is recommended for every Christian believer and for those who are searching for a proof that the power of faith and prayer actually works.

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