As much as we try sometimes we can’t get rid of the extra pounds easily. If you have had enough of failed diets and frustration, perhaps Dr. Mehmet Oz has a solution for you! Here are the best weight loss tips from Dr. Oz.

We already know some of these tips, so there is no need of additional explanation, however it is good to mention them:

  • Sleep at least 7 hours a day.
  • When you are hungry drink 1 glass of water.
  • Do not starve yourself.
  • Do not give up the diet.
  • Avoid eating and watching TV at the same time.
  • Use small plates.
  • Walk every day.

Chop the food

On this way you can reduce the amount of food you eat and you will fool the brain that you are eating more. A full plate sends signals to the brain that you should stop eating.

Eat pickles before meal

Pickled vegetables contain one secret weapon – acid. Acid in food helps to maintain the level of glucose and insulin levels in normal limit. It is enough to eat two pickles before the meal and you will eat less food.

Eat a bowl of hot soup

A hot bowl of soup before lunch will help you to consume fewer calories. Eating the hot soup slowly, you give time to your brain to realize that you are full, so you will eat less during the main meal.

Cheese as a snack

Researches showed that replacing the unhealthy snacks with cheese and vegetables can reduce the amount of consumed food by 72%. Plus, the combination of cheese and vegetables provides enough calcium and protein, so you will feel satiated very soon.

Order smaller portions

If you get an unstoppable craving for fast food, choose a smaller portion. That will satisfy your desire and you will consume fewer calories.

Carbohydrates for breakfast

Choose barley or other healthy grains and whole grain products for breakfast. On this way you will satisfy your daily needs for carbohydrates, and you will have the whole day to burn the calories.

Smell vanilla

It is well known that different scents have great influence on the human brain, and the smell of vanilla can suppress the desire to eat something sweet.

Brush your teeth before eating

It is proven that peppermint toothpaste kills appetite.

Eat before the main meal

Your mother was right, eating before lunch really kills the appetite! Before the main meal eat a handful of almonds, hazelnuts or fruit. This will help you to feel less hungry and you will eat less during the lunch.

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