Many of us have heard poets and wine lovers, or people falling in both categories, claiming that “wine is bottled poetry”, however, facts prove that it is also a miracle youth preserver. Hand in hand with moderation as a virtue, now we know that we can sit back and indulge in the sweet red wine habit, while the fruity juice mingles with our cells and rejuvenates them.

Whether you are a wine lover or your interest is a product of pure curiosity, you are probably wondering how exactly does wine benefit us in a way that renders it such a truly divine drink.

The answer to this question lays within the probiotics and the antioxidants that are present in the red wine. It is well known that dark red wines have the greatest positive effect on our bodies. The main reason for all of this can be unveiled simply by looking at the plain facts. The most noticeable difference between dark red wines and the rest of the wines resting upon shelves is the presence of grape skins in the first. Every possible benefit you may think of originates exactly from there, the very precious and utterly healthy dark grape skins.

Red wine is simply antioxidant-packed enjoyment that leaves little to no chance for the damaging free radicals to do their destructive little business in our bodies. It is estimated that red wines beat many other fruit juices that also comprise the antioxidant formula. Therefore, as an act of enjoyment along with the aging prevention aspect, a woman should have one glass of wine daily and for man, it should be two. As you can see, we’re talking about moderation that has proven to be a fun way to protect the heart, along with the rejuvenating aspect which we all so much desire. Apart from being an awesome heart protector, studies have shown that the moderate consummation of dark red wine can also account for the prevention of the decline of the brain function.

Of course, not everyone should delve into the ‘one glass of wine a day takes aging away’ kind of habit, everything we discover, however sound and true and well proven it may sound, should be taken with a grain of salt. Certain people aren’t and shouldn’t be allowed to consume alcoholic beverages, not even the very beneficial one glass of dark red wine, due to many different medical or psychological reasons, however, if you are perfectly healthy and love wine, there is no reason why you shouldn’t add some of that rejuvenating warmth to your daily routine, be it during dinner or lunch. I has the same effect regardless whether you will drink a plain glass of red wine or mix it with a few bites of dark chocolate or a whole meal. Always choose darker red wines that have earthy and mineral taste. Have a glass of wine and stay young!

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