Cunnilingus Helps In Prevention Of Cancer, according to Cancer Treatment Research

There are a lot of cancer prevention and treatment procedures that are devastating and costly.

But here comes one that you will definitely like and enjoy.

According to extensive research studies performed at the State University of New York, cunnilingus can prevent cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Who would say that you can prevent cardiovascular conditions and cancer by pleasure?!

After a long and dedicated work, scientists from the State University of New York are claiming that going down on a woman can have health benefits. According to the study, during cunnilingus, oxytocin and DHEA hormones are being produced in great numbers.

Both Oxytocin and DHEA are hormones that have protective effects against diseases such as cancer and heart diseases.

The study also showed that the release of the oxytocin and endorphins has strong sedative effect thus alleviating headaches and promoting sleep.

Well, by following all these scientific facts we are recommending you to add this “meal” on your healthy diet on daily basis.

Not only it satisfies human needs but it also improves the overall health condition.

Next time, when you are in doubt whether to go down on a woman or not, take in account all the benefits it brings. If not for pleasure, then do it for medical purposes.


Source: Maxim

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