To reduce your weight, you need a special diet and of course, you need regular exercise. But, the biggest problem of many is to lose arm fat fast, which is quite difficult to reduce, and sometimes the weakening of this part of the body seems impossible. Here are four exercises that will help you achieve your goals.

How to lose arm fat


The fastest way to lose arm fat is push-ups. If you’re not used to lift weight, then in the beginning you’ll face some difficulties when making push-us, but it will be only until you get used to. At the beginning do fewer push-ups with regular breaks, or do female push-ups which are easier because the weight doesn’t fall on the toes, but on the knees. Once you get used to regular making push-ups, you’ll have no problems. Do open push-ups, with distance between the hands more than the shoulders or closed push-ups with your hands closer to each other.


For beginning lift lighter weights, don’t start with more weight. Find exercises on the Internet that are most effective for achieving your goal. For instance, take the weights in your hands and stand straight, with arms to the body. Then, raise your arms aside, reach up to the shoulders, than behind you as much as you can and so alternately. Keep in mind that in this exercise your arms must be straight and don’t bend the elbows.


These exercises are of those that seemingly look easy, but as you try them you assure that they are not so easy, but very effective. Stand straight and spread your arms like you want to give someone a huge hug. Let your hands be straight, and the palms look toward the ceiling. Turn your hands as much as you can on the horizontal axis, so that the palms are found again opened up. Then return your arms to the original position and repeat the exercise. Don’t lower your arms until you finish your whole series of exercises. At the beginning don’t force yourself because you will surely have muscle pain the next day. Let your body get used to the routine.


This exercise is called scissors, because the movements resemble of working with scissors. Stand straight and straighten your arms in front of you at shoulder height. Imagine as you hold huge scissors that you need to open and close. Spread the distance between your hands, then move them closer to the middle, so that your hands will fold, then spread them again. Alternately change the overlapping hands, so that once the left hand will come over right, and then vice versa. Repeat the exercise at least 20 times.

If you do these exercises for 15 minutes every day, you will see the difference in your arms very soon.

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