The Government continues to ask all levels of Indonesian society, to try to break the chain of the spread of the corona virus (COVID-19) by conducting physical distancing or maintaining a physical distance of at least 1.5 meters from others and avoiding the crowd to prevent transmission of COVID-19 disease.

But did you know, maintaining social distance and self-isolation can be difficult. As stated by the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo in a daily description of the status of COVID-19 in his region.

“Don’t underestimate personal trauma, and the difficulty of carrying out self-isolation. This is reality, “Cuomo said as quoted by VOA Indonesia, Friday.

“This is not a natural human condition to not be entertained, have closeness, feel afraid and cannot embrace someone. These are all things that are unnatural and confusing,” he continued.

Some experts have long known that loneliness or feelings of isolation can cause anxiety, depression and dementia in adults. A weakened immune system response, high levels of obesity, blood pressure, heart disease, and shorter life expectancy can also be influential factors.

Whereas children who have few friends, are intimidated or isolated in school tend to experience high levels of anxiety, depression, and some lags in development.

Responding to this, the Head of the Department of Psychology at the San Antonio Children’s Hospital, Elena Mikalsen, said if it was associated with a global pandemic such as COVID-19, there was no record that could be a reference for medical experts.

“The study conducted is more directed to forced isolation without support,” said Elena Mikalsen.

Elena added, something that was very helpful when the whole world was in the same situation, which led to the development of rapid handling strategies from various sources, including friends, school, and business.

“The situation we face now, so much social support that is one of the big indicators about the good health of a person including mental health,” he concluded.

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