Essential oils have been used for a long time in the alternative and traditional medicine. On this way, for example, tea tree oil has been used for centuries to treat wounds, and clove oil against toothache and gum inflammation and mucous membranes.

Essential oils are being used more and more often in the school, conservative medicine, especially after all the more serious, clinical studies proving extremely good effect of oil extracts of medicinal plants. Some essential oils can even stop the growth and proliferation of fungi and bacteria.

Tests have shown that the essential oils of eucalyptus, tea tree, thyme, lemon, lemongrass and clove stop the growth of staphylococci bacteria and fungi candida.

Eucalyptus is used against bad odors in the premises for many years, using scented lamp oil or dripping in the air conditioning.

Even a step further goes in some clinics, and tumors, ulcers, open wounds twice per day are being flushed with a mixture of essential oils, where the eucalyptus oil prevails. The result is an extremely increase of the quality of life for patients, because after three to four days the unpleasant smell that comes from the old wounds disappears. In many cases the inflammation quickly withdrawn after these treatments. So, the patients should be no longer isolated and can go back home earlier.

Studies have shown that the effect of essential oil against odors is based on their antimicrobial activity.

It’s promising and revealed the intense activity of essential oils against clinical problem as staphylococcus aureus that has become resistant (insensitive) to common antibiotics. This bacteria causes dangerous wound infections.

In laboratory experiments is proven and the effect of essential oils against fungi Candida krusei, which in patients with a weakened immune system leads to life-threatening infections.

Because of all this evidence, it’s clear that the essential oils represent an alternative to antibiotics, especially when it comes to local use on the skin or mucous membranes.

But essential oils can do even more: not that they are only antimicrobial, but also affect the inflammation and spasms. Therefore, they are ideal for treatment of respiratory infections and can be a great support for every antibiotic therapy.

Meanwhile, there are a lot of finished products based on essential oils that are used against colds or infections whether taken orally, inhaled or anoint on the skin.

Essential oils are interesting for the dentistry also: they can be used to disinfect the gums, for example when it comes to infection of the implant.

However, there is a need for further clinical studies and research. So far, the effect on certain grampositive bacteria is proven.

With a combination of oils, cheap oils or suspicious sellers requires attention, because the essential oils can hide synthetic flavoring preparations which have no health or healing effect. It is best to buy essential oils in pharmacies, because there you have the guarantee of origin and quality, a large selection of different oils as well as their combinations.

In rare cases, essential oils might cause allergies or skin irritation. Be aware with menthol oils (such as eucalyptus): Don’t use them near or on babies, because menthol can cause breathing problems in very young babies. And at this case it is best to consult in the pharmacy about the type of the essential oil and its application.

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