During this time, stress is scientifically considered dangerous for one’s health. However, a study found that the condition also has benefits for social relations between humans.

In a study published in the journal Stress & Health found that those who experience stress are more likely to provide and receive emotional support from others.

“If stress can really connect us with others, which I think is important for human experience, I think it is beneficial,” said researchers in this study, David Almeida of Penn University in the United States, quoted from India Today on Wednesday (26) / 2/2020).

“Stress has the potential to help people deal with negative situations by encouraging them to be with others,” Almaeida added.

The Social Benefits of Stress

In this study, 1,622 participants were interviewed for eight nights. The researchers looked at the pesky stress they experienced and the giving and receiving of emotional support on the day they experienced it.

The researchers found that on average, participants had the possibility of giving and receiving emotional support in the days when they were stressed. 26 percent of them are also more likely to receive or provide support the next day. These effects differ between men and women.

“Women tend to give and receive more emotional support than men,” said one researcher Hye Won Chai.

Besides accepting, Almeida said that people who experience stress also tend to provide emotional support later in life.

“This makes me think that actually stress can help direct you to other people and make it possible to talk about your problems with me.”

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